Welcome to Real Soil
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What is Real Soil, Real Food?
Real Soil, Real Food, A Real Difference (RSRFRD) is an educational summer camp experience just for teens like you that combines the study of current food issues with team-building activities, hands-on learning and conversations with experts.

This program centers on food, which seems like a simple subject. In reality, there are many facets to food such as obesity, gardening, nutrition, food insecurity, cultural traditions, carbon footprints and food safety. During RSRFRD’s intensive session, you’ll study local and global concerns such as food insecurity and hunger, food safety, biotechnology and how the environment is affected by food production. In addition to studying food issues in-depth, you’ll work with other students during daily team-building exercises, gardening, and meal preparation. The teaching staff will help each student step by step in planning his or her own independent project for change that relates back to a food issue that you’re concerned about.

Field trips to relevant sites such as a farmers market, DuPont Pioneer, and the Neely-Kinyon Research Farm operated by Iowa State University enhance the written course materials and provide you with opportunities to talk directly with experts in food science, engineering, food production, nutrition and wellness and more. Each day concludes with time for you to reflect and talk to the other students about what you’ve learned.

After the camp experience, you’ll implement a related independent project that involves your peers in some meaningful way. Under the guidance of staff from The Wallace Centers of Iowa (WCI), you’ll have about a year to complete your project. You have the option of presenting your project results to next year’s class of participants. Project summaries will also be posted on the web site.

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